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Maybe you're already doing OK?

Benchmarking is a popular concept and is an important step in gauging the attractiveness of an opportunity or seriousness of a problem. Several years ago there was a case study about a large North American manufacturer who had an Accounts Payable department with just over 900 employees. This was a large global company and this was considered normal. When the North America manufacturer merged with a Japanese manufacturer of comparable size they were quite shocked to find that they handled a comparable volume of transactions through their Accounts Payable with a staff of 65. This example demonstrates the importance of selecting the right benchmark.

How do you know how well you are doing?

That's our area of expertise. We have access to the tools to measure market opportunities and with years of experience in measuring and monitoring web site performance our Internet specialists can use established measures to let you know what to expect. This is an important step in the process. If you are getting 100 visits per week and there are thousands of searches per week maybe you are not getting your share. The difference between hundreds and thousands is in the marketing tactics. If you want heavy traffic you need an integrated set of marketing tactics working together. And if you are already getting your share, we'll let you know you can pat yourself on the back and carry on doing what you are doing.

You can complete the Sign Up Form on the Home page to get a Free assessment. Please complete your name, company and a description of your market, products and services. Also include the web address of your three main competitors. We will use this information to assess your market potential and consider a competitive comparison. A Managing Consultant will contact you to discuss your situation and let you know if there is something we could help you with. In some situations it may require the analysis and preparation of a complete Internet Marketing Strategy, in some cases it may be possible to do implement selected tactics, and in other cases the status quo may be in order.

Which one are you?

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