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Am I concerned that we are not getting our share of traffic to our site?

You bet, who isnít? This is the typical answer we get when we ask the question, Are you getting your share. Does that mean that every business needs an Internet Marketing Strategy? Not necessarily. For some businesses the opportunity is more attractive than other ones. And from in some cases the level of competition may be quite high increasing the resources required and the Return on Investment is not that attractive. We have the tools and the expertise to give you and initial rating of the opportunity for you to increase your share.

What is an Internet Marketing Strategy?

Most businesses have a strategy that defines their market and how their business can create a niche within that market. An Internet Marketing Strategy looks at a business's audiences and assesses the relative value of traffic to the site for each of the audiences.

Prospects are the obvious one most businesses are interested in and they need to know what is it worth to get a prospective customer to their web site? What about existing customers? What is it worth to get existing customers to their web site?

The first step in building an Internet Marketing Strategy is to define the audiences and assess the market opportunities for each audience. The next step is to benchmark the current results. The third step is to compare the tactics available given the market opportunity relative to the current level of results and the expected Return on Investment of each marketing tactic.

How do we get started?

If you have a concern that there might be more out there than you are getting, we can give you a quick assessment of your situation. Complete the form with your name, company, a description of your business, and the web site addresses of your three main competitors. We will review your information and contact you within one business day to give you an initial assessment of the market opportunity and value of going forward with the development of an Internet Marketing Strategy for your business. There is no obligation for this initial assessment.

If you want to move forward with and develop an Internet Marketing Strategy for your business the process takes 3 days and includes a one hour debrief meeting. The rate is $1480. Until November 30 you can save $500 with the special rate of $980. If you are concerned you might not be getting your share, we can help. Take the first step and complete the Request Form. We will analyze your market and give you our assessment of the market opportunity. You can decide if you want to take the next step.

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We will contact you with 2 business days with an Initial Assessment if we think you are getting your share, and if not, if we are able to help you Get Your Share!

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